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Paithalmala is one of the famous hill stations in south India.

Paithalmala lakes | Paithalmala treehouse

Paithalmala is a very famous hill station in North Kerala of the western ghats. This place attracts nature enthusiasts, photographers, and trekkers. You can view here 180 degrees of Kerala and Karnataka range.  The normal temperature here is 21.4c. Paithalmala has highest significant rainfall, most months with a short dry season. Paithalmala is the highest peak of kannur, Kerala. For trekking here in paithalmala, you can come in monsoon season. For Paithalmala resort, You can visit the site.



There are two routes for paithalmala, Pottenplave, and kappimala. Usually, trekking from  Pottenplave is preferred because of the all-weather motorable road pottenplave till the beginning of the forest, You can bring your car also, At the top, you can park your car. If you want to take another travel way you can do. 


Nearest Railway Station: Kannur railway station.

Nearest Airport : Calicut International Airport / Mangalore International Airport.

Nearest Bus Station: Pottenplave (Buses are available from Taliparamba.


What to do there?


If you are a nature lover, This place is really for you guys, You can come here for Trekking, Sightseeing, Photography, Nature trail. 


Nearby hotspots 

After paithalmala visit, You can move hotspots nearby Paithalmala, Dharmadam beach, Muzhupilangad drive-in beach, Aaralam wildlife sanctuary. Also, Theyyam -a popular ritual form of worship of North Malabar you would never like to miss too.

Paithalmala has been a great holiday destination or picnic spot, During the season summer as well as winter. In past days, The trek to the hilltop used to be time-consuming but now you can drive almost up to the hill. You can start trekking in the morning. You will see the fresh environment around you, Wild elephants as well as small animals and birds. It is a very peaceful place, When you will go up the hills, you can see a lot of monkeys there.
For Paithalmala Treehouse, You can visit Paithalmala tourism.







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You should know your partner's tastes 

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Look for the senior travel discounts


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The airport can provide you wheelchair if you don't have own. Sometimes senior citizen can't walk anymore. So you can use the airport wheelchair.


Keep your necessary medicines 


Don't forget to keep your necessary medicines when you are going for senior travel. During the travel, you may sick so keep your medicines are important.


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Art after Full Brazilian Waxing | Removable tattoos for adults

A tattoo is a modern fashion all kinds of age people use for decorating the body that why tattoos are gaining popularity day by day. You can see the tattoo parlors in most of all markets. In movies, you can see the superheroes also wear tattoos. People imitate their superheroes tattoos that why you can see the tattoo on all ages people body. Tattoos do not mean the fashion status only tattoos are meaningful. Removable tattoos for adults provide you unique and charming personality.


Tattoos are two types permanent and non-permanent, Permanent tattoos are not easy to remove and painful during the process when you wear. Temporary tattoos are painless and use for a few days. Permanent tattoos can be put for memory for someone. 

For improving the sexual personality, women's use temporary vagina tattoos.  If you are looking for the temporary adult tattoos you can visit the Brazilian plus tattoo parlors. There are latest tattoos designs are available at the affordable prices. I want to ensure you these are temporary tattoos, You can put the tattoos according to your choice. 

Why Brazilian plus tattoos?

Brazilian plus tattoos is an only temporary tattoo parlor which fulfills the real requirement of clients. Some ladies feel naked after removing the pubic hair but now women's do not worry about it, When they put the adult temporary tattoos, They feel dressed up. 

Brazilian plus tattoo features


Our transitory tattoos (Tattoos) are made to join with your skin to give a progressively normal look. Your skin will appear through what shows up as white on the Vattoo picture on the left 


Best Temporary Tattoo Application: After applying your brief tattoo, wash the picture with water and afterward completely pat dry. After you are completely dry, utilize an enormous cosmetics brush and stroke over the Tattoo with translucent cosmetics powder. 


Water Proof: Our Tattoos are water evidence. You can shower, go swimming, and have intercourse typically. They will last searching useful for around about fourteen days. 


To Remove: If you wish to expel your Tattoo early, utilize a cotton ball and infant oil and rub over the picture tenderly

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Travel tips and tricks | Senior travel

All of us have the freedom to visit anywhere. Nowadays if you travel out of the country, There securities protect you when you are in problem, However, We should keep some precaution if you are a solo female traveler. Ittakes2totravel brought some useful travel tips and tricks.


All of us heard about these lines :


This world is not a nice place. 

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You may target for locals.


Yes, It is the truth, There are people who have the bad intention but the number is very less. We should understand there are certain situations which are not in our hand. So don't think about it. I would like to share some travel tips for a safe journey.


Politeness: Be polite with others and keep a smile on your face. It is one of the best things a traveler should follow. In any part of the world, If you are positive and keep smiling face, You can handle the hard situation can be tackled.


Saying No: Always keep in mind if you feel something doubtful, Please say no. Most of the times, For example, If someone is trying to be friend with you, and you don't feel good about it, Just say No please in a polite manner.


Don't travel in the night: Yes this is one of the important points I should discuss with you guys. If you are a solo traveler. It is strongly recommended you, You should cover the journey during the morning.

Knowledge of scams: Before visiting any country you should need some homework about the past history of the location. So do some research, It will help surely help you in understanding what to do and not do when facing the same issue.


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What is Brazilian plus tattoos? 


Brazilian plus tattoos replaced the permanent tattoos 

Brazilian plus tattoo parlor brought the latest tattoos designs for enhancing the pretty look. These tattoos look like a real tattoo. Permanent tattoos are not able to replace easily why temporary tattoos are a good option to paint the body. Temporary tattoos are painless and easy to apply on the body. No side effects and allergy problem occurs. 

Alhambra Palace. Temporary Vagina Tattoo

From Grenada Southern Spain, the place that is known for Flamenco music, enthusiastic lovemaking, and valor. Alhambra Vattoo is my own marked bit of pinks and reds geometric structure taken from divider frescoes in the Alhambra Palace, a world legacy site. Possess a bit of this fresco, and transform your adoration hill into a genuine miracle!! 

Overall, Brazilian plus temporary tattoo is the best way to decorate the body. If you are at least 18 you can buy the adult temporary tattoos at the reasonable prices. You can put these tattoo for a special occasion. 


Paithalmala view | Paithalmala drive

Paithalmala is famous with another name vaithalmala, It is a very famous hill station in south India region which lies in western ghats. It is a very peaceful place where you will introduce real nature. This place is not largely affected by the human population.  Paithalmala is a favorite destination for the nature lovers, photographers, selfie lovers, and adventure lovers. Kannur and Payayanur is the nearest railway station. You can take the bus also from the kannur and payyannur to Kudiyanmala and Kappimala. For paithalmala view, You should come there.

When you should come there 

You should come in the post-monsoon season when the grasslands are green but you should beware of leaches in the monsoon season. If you are not confirmed about the trekking trail don't venture there otherwise you may get lost in the dense forests and difficult to find the way back. The 300 section of the land wide rambling zone is a protected home to various winged animals, several butterflies, uncommon plants and trees. Notwithstanding during this sweltering summer at Paithalmala one can savor a genuine cool atmosphere. On the way to the highest point of the slope, one can see the remaining parts of the summary castle of the innate lord called Vaithalkon.

If you are looking to stay in paithalmala, you can book your room with paithalmala tourism. They provide you fully airconditioners, well-furnished rooms at the affordable prices. For the adventure, trekking lovers, nature lovers, those people who are searching peace should have come here. For paithalmala drive, Please visit the site.

Paithalmala lakes | paithalmala homestay

Paithalmala, a famous hill station in kannur, south India is popular for the ecotourism spot run by the forest and wildlife department. It is a heavenly hill station surrounded by deep dense woods invites the tourists for the passionate escape into its lush green soul. Paithalmala another name is vaithalmala. Paithalmala lakes attract to the tourists when they visit the Paithalmala.

Paithalmala exists in the western ghats region. The magnificence has charmed huge numbers of the nature devotees, picture takers and trekkers to this spot as the fog covers the encompassing slopes and woodland, which can be seen from an observatory tower close to the pinnacle. Paithalmala has huge precipitation, most months, with a short dry season. The normal yearly temperature is 21.4 C.

Brahmagiri forest is famous for its wildlife animals as the Asian elephant, tiger, leopard, dhole, gaur, wild boar and many rare species of birds and deer. Observatory tower near the peak is one of the famous attractions there. You can come here in monsoon season for the beauty of grass surrounding the hills grow to their fullest size, making it difficult to walk through.

Palakkayam that is another beautiful hill station in kannur. It is located near to misty mountain in the western ghats have an altitude of 3500 ft from mean sea level. If you love the off-road driving, You are welcome with your beast.

Conclusion: Overall, If you are looking for fresh and beautiful nature land, You should visit the paithalmala. For Paithalmala homestay, Please visit the site.

Paithalmala local food | Paithalmala tourism office

Are you looking for a weekend tour in Kerala? I can suggest one of the beautiful attractions in South India where you can enjoy more. Paithalmala is the highest peak in Kannur. Paithalmala was unknown for the outsiders but now it has gained popularity in recent times, Credit goes to social media and tourists. When you come here you can take the real taste of  Paithalmala local food.


Paithal means in Malayalam is infant and mala means hill, This place is famous for rich flora and fauna including the dense forests, waterfalls, butterflies and some rare species of birds. You can reach there from kappimala, a village located 6 kms away and kudiyanmala, another village located 2 km away.

Paithalmala is famous for trekking and you can enjoy here a cool climate. In lunchtime, you can take the taste of delicious mouth pouring foods and candlelight dinner also available for couples. After walking 45 couples of minutes from the paithalmala valley, You will reach an observatory tower. This tower offers you a bird's eye view of the surrounding hills. You can relax there to eat food and click photographs.

Best time to visit Paithalmala 

Summer and monsoon both seasons are good to visit paithalmala. The January to March is the ideal time to visit the paithalmala.

How to reach Paithalmala

By road: Pottenplavu is the nearest bus station. You can take service of KSRTC services from kannur and taliparambu.

By rail: Kannur is the nearest railway station.

By air: Calicut international airport and Mangalore international airport are the nearest airports.

Paithalmala is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the district of kannur. Paithalmala lies in the western ghats. It is one of the top hill stations in south India where people come there more to visit this place. When you are there you will find the adorable clouds and mind-blowing sceneries. For more information about the Paithalmala, You can contact to Paithalmala tourism office.

Kerala tourism paithalmala | paithalmala local food

In south India, Kerala is a very state and famous for palm trees, forest, Wildlife, mountains, backwaters, the beaches, The sea.  If you are looking for a honeymoon destination I think Kerala is the best places where you can make romantic your visit. Romantic honeymoon means when your long walks on the beach, candlelight dinner and pampering luxurious accommodation in a luxury hotel. When you there you can take the taste of Paithalmala local food.

Paithalmala, Kannur 

It is a small hill station in the forest of Kodagu in the kannur district of Kerala. Paithalmala is one of the beautiful places in the western ghats region. At the 4500 ft, Paithalmala is the tallest peak in the district of kannur and it is very famous for trekking destination for the adventure lovers and trekking destination. Paithalmala is very beautiful places where you can take enjoy of the abundance of lush greenery and thrilling trekking.

Trekking is the best movement one can enjoy here, enabling you to assimilate and be entranced by the shocking magnificence of the spot and its environment. A 6 km long trek from the base to the highest point of the slope takes you through thick backwoods and prairies, eventually prompting a watch tower at the top. The watchtower is the feature of the entire trek as one gets the opportunity to see the stunning landscape of the Kodagu woods, Coorg Forests, and the connecting territories. Little bypasses to the adjacent lakes or lakes found by means of the assistance of the nearby individuals can add to your experience of Paithalmala

Taliparamba, Kannur

It is a small beautiful city is situated at a distance of 25 km from kannur town. The city is surrounded by lush green fields all around the old tile rooted house. When you are there you can introduce here new temples, mosques, and churches. Shri Krishna temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna is one of the famous temples here.

Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Kerala, Payyambalam beach in North Kerala has the potential to become a major tourist destination. Payyambalam Beach is located 2 km away from Kannur district of northern Kerala. You can book your hotel online near Payyambalam Beach at affordable prices.

For booking Kerala tourism Paithalmala, you can visit Paithalmala tourism.